Vancomycin From Trough to AUC: RWJ Barnabas Health Experience

Vancomycin From Trough to AUC: RWJ Barnabas Health Experience
9 Aug 2019 Blog

The upcoming changes to the preeminent US vancomycin dosing guidelines have been greatly anticipated by the pharmacy and infectious disease community for some time. The recent draft release of these guidelines has prompted significant discussion by the recommendation supporting a switch from traditional trough serum concentration measurement to an AUC-based dosing strategy.

On July 30th, DoseMe held a webinar “Vancomycin Monitoring Based on AUC: The Implications and Considerations” with Robert Wood Johnson (RWJ) Barnabas Health and parent company Tabula Rasa HealthCare to share RWJ’s experience transitioning from trough-based to AUC-based vancomycin dosing and monitoring.

Welcome and Introduction

Orsula Knowlton, PharmD, MBA

Precision Pharmacotherapy Research and Development Institute

Dr Jacques Turgeon BPharm, PhD

The Transition from Trough Based to AUC/MIC Based Vancomycin Dosing

A/Prof Luigi Brunetti, PharmD, Clinical Pharmacy, RWJBarnabas Health

Step-by-Step: Trough to AUC

Dr Robert McLeay, PhD

Webinar Q&A

Learn more

Read more on vancomycin dosing and AUC calculations using DoseMeRx – a bayesian dosing calculator


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