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Therapeutic drug monitoring of vancomycin can be a laborious and time-consuming process. There are a lot of moving parts (not to mention spreadsheets). What’s more, updated AUC guidelines for vancomycin dosing are changing the way you work. That’s why finding efficiencies in your workflow can make a big difference to patient care.

Our clinically validated vancomycin drug models and easy-to-use platform, mean you can spend less time on calculations – and more on your patients.

Clinically validated vancomycin models and AUC calculations made simple.

Vancomycin dosing and monitoring support for adults.

Standard Adult

Buelga et al. (2005)

Ideal for individualized dosing from just one drug concentration.

A one-compartment population model derived from a retrospective study on over 200 patients receiving vancomycin treatment for a range of indications. It is a first order elimination model that has been used in over 10,000 patients and has been clinically validated in several publications.

Available Calculations

AUC24 / AUC24:MIC / Trough Only

Complex & Critically Ill Adult

Goti et al. (2018)

Accurate estimation of AUC fitting to both distribution and elimination phases.

A two-compartment, zero-order absorption model derived from a retrospective study with a diverse cohort of over 1,800 patients. It is particularly useful for AUC-based dosing as it fits a more complex pharmacokinetic curve that models the distribution and elimination phases of vancomycin.

Available Calculations

AUC24 / AUC24:MIC / Trough Only

Intermittent Hemodialysis Adult

Goti et al. (2018)

Supports dosing calculation for patients on high-flux, intermittent hemodialysis.

This model has been extrapolated from the two-compartment Goti et al. model which included over 300 patients on high-flux, intermittent hemodialysis. The primary dosing target in this patient population is a pre-dialysis serum concentration which can be used as a surrogate for AUC dosing.

Available Calculations

Pre-dialysis Level / AUC24 / AUC24:MIC

Enhanced Obese Adult

Sabourenkov et al. (2019)

Supports dosing calculations for patients with Class I, II, and III obesity.

This is a one-compartment, zero-order model developed and validated using 2,993 courses of vancomycin administered to patients with a body mass index (BMI) greater than 30 kg/m2. It demonstrated high predictive ability and negligible bias across all three obesity categories.

Available Calculations

AUC24 / AUC24:MIC / Trough Only

Vancomycin dosing and monitoring support for pediatrics and neonates.

Pediatric & Adolescent

Lamarre et al. (2000)

Clinically validated model on pediatric and adolescent populations.

A two-compartment, zero order absorption model with age, sex, total body weight, and creatinine clearance as covariates as described in Lamarre et. al.

Patients Supported

Age: 0 – 18 years

Available Calculations

AUC24 / AUC24:MIC / Trough Only

Preterm & Neonate

Frymoyer et al. (2014)

Supports dosing of preterm neonates from as young as 22 weeks gestation.

This one-compartment, zero-order absorption model includes total body weight (TBW), serum creatinine, gestational age, and postmenstrual age as covariates as described in Frymoyer et. al.

Patients Supported

Age: 0 – 6 months

Available Calculations

AUC24 / AUC24:MIC / Trough Only

Here’s how we’ve been able to help others

« The DoseMeRx pharmacokinetic platform has revolutionized the way our institution’s pharmacists provide a pharmacokinetic service for our providers. From the aminoglycoside models to the vancomycin AUC/MIC models, the degree of precision these provide has been really extraordinary. If you are considering a Bayesian-based pharmacokinetic modeling service, I definitely recommend going with DoseMeRx! »

Rebeca Calderon, PharmD | Pharmacy Clinical Specialist, Infectious Diseases & Co-lead, Pediatric Antimicrobial Stewardship Program

Nicklaus Children’s Hospital

“I have been utilizing the Bayesian dosing software DoseMeRx to dose vancomycin for over two years. DoseMeRx has helped provide optimal care for my patients by reducing incidence of acute kidney injury. As a clinical pharmacy specialist, I appreciate the flexible timing of levels and the reduction in inappropriate or uninterpretable drug concentrations. I also appreciate the model fit indicator that shows how well the model fits each individual patient.”

Elizabeth W. Covington, PharmD, BCIDP | Clinical Pharmacy Specialist

« We have been using DoseMeRx for almost a year now. During this period, we noticed a 70% decrease in the rate of kidney injury. This was an important result and based on this, DoseMeRx demonstrated an important cost-effectiveness even in regions with limited resources, mainly due to the shorter hospitalization time. In addition, the flexible sample collection schedule improved the dynamics between all teams involved in TDM (lab, nurses, clinical pharmacists, and infectious diseases specialists). »

Joao Paulo Telles, MD, PhD | Infectious Diseases Specialist

A.C.Camargo Cancer Center

« I can’t thank you enough for showing us this awesome tool. I have not had to document a single ADE from vancomycin since the rollout of DoseMeRx. Also your support team is amazing. I have had many occurrences where I come into the hospital and the night shift tells me that DoseMeRx answered us at two in the morning and they responded in less than two minutes! They are so quick and kudos to them for ensuring our whole team is supported. »

Laura Nelson, PharmD | Clinical Pharmacist, Infectious Diseases

Integris Health

« DoseMeRx has been excellent for us thus far and provides an easy way to calculate AUC dosing. »

Chad Signorelli, PharmD | Lead Clinical Pharmacist

Lompoc Valley Medical Center

« I like that they contact me for input on upgrades to the system. This really gives buy in to the product because I feel like they help make improvements based on real customer feedback. »

Renee Klingler | Lead Clinical Pharmacist

Sarah Bush Lincoln Health System

« I like the ability to better manage my lab draws and dosing times. They’re also a good crew to work with. »

Don Schaeffer

Taylorville Memorial Hospital

« DoseMeRx is very easy to use and we are seeing very good results with our patients. We particularly like the ability to keep multiple courses stacked under one patient to look back on previous regimens. The graphs are easy to read as well. »

Renee Klingler | Lead Clinical Pharmacist

Sarah Bush Lincoln Health System

“I really can’t stress enough how happy we are with our decision to utilize a Bayesian support tool and specifically DoseMeRx. They were instrumental in the implementation of AUC dosing.”

Dustin Orvin, PharmD, BCPS | Clinical Pharmacy Specialist

St. Joseph’s/Candler

“Easy to use and effective. Team is prompt, responsive and customer focused.”

Tony Lai, BPharm, GradDipClinPharm, MClinPharm, MSHPA | Senior Pharmacist

The Children’s Hospital at Westmead, Australia

« I’m excited in this modern era that Bayesian dosing software like DoseMeRx makes it possible to apply best clinical practices at the bedside.”

Tom Lodise, PharmD, PhD | DoseMe Clinical Advisory Board Past Chair, Professor

Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

“I have been very pleased with the support provided by the DoseMeRx team. They provided us with ample background data, frequent live training sessions, and prompt on-demand support, even on evenings and weekends.”

Robert Smith, PharmD, BCGP, BCPS, FASCP | Senior Director of Health Outcomes and Research

Neil Medical Group

“It’s a straight-forward way to implement AUC-based decision making in vancomycin dosing whilst at the same time minimizing the number of levels needed. It’s a win-win… DoseMeRx solves my need.”

William L. Musick, PharmD, BCPS | Infectious Diseases Clinical Specialist

Houston Methodist

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