Precision dosing:
A smarter way to dose

Leave behind the laborious manual calculations,
spreadsheets, and complex tools.

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 DoseMe - Precision dosing:<br />A smarter way to dose

What is DoseMeRx?

DoseMeRx is the world’s first easy-to-use, real-time precision dosing software designed for clinicians to predict the optimal dose of medications that require therapeutic drug monitoring.

Why choose DoseMeRx?

Quick, simple and easy-to-use dosage calculator

Effortless setup so simple you'll be live in minutes

Save time and require less drug levels

Take out the guesswork, calculate a precise model-informed dose in seconds

Introducing DoseMeRx

DoseMeRx is a unique software platform that enables you to accurately individualize a dose at any bedside.

DosesMeRx Dosage Calculator

How does DoseMeRx work?

From as little as one assay result a virtual model of your patient is digitally constructed from using thousands of data points from published population models.

University program

The Dosing Institute makes teaching and learning Pharmacokinetics easier, with real-world tools and case studies.

DoseMe Crunch

DoseMe Crunch uncovers hidden patterns, correlations and other dosing related insights from retrospective data using DoseMeRx algorithms.

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