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Simplify therapeutic drug monitoring with clinically validated drug models.

We have a range of drug models across various therapeutic areas including; infectious disease, transplant medicine, cardiovascular and coagulation management, oncology, pediatrics, and more.

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Supporting you in delivering high-quality evidence-based medicine.

Our team of bioinformaticians, scientists, and clinical pharmacists meticulously select the best clinically-validated PK/PD models for DoseMeRx.

With a rigorous validation process, our approach follows best-practice quality assurance, ISO standards, and regulatory guidelines for implementing Bayesian dosing including an independent review by our Clinical Advisory Board.

DoseMeRx Drug Models

Adult Adult

Paediatric Pediatric

Neonatal Neonatal

Infectious Diseases

Currently Available

Amikacin adult paediatric
Gentamicin adult paediatric neonatal
Meropenem adult
Linezolid adult
Piperacillin adult
Teicoplanin* adult
Tobramycin adult paediatric neonatal
Vancomycin adult paediatric neonatal
Vancomycin (obese) adult
Vancomycin (hemodialysis) adult
Voriconazole IV
Voriconazole Oral adult

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Daptomycin adult paediatric
Flucloxacillin* adult neonatal
Fluconazole adult paediatric neonatal
Itraconazole Oral (Capsule) adult paediatric
Itraconazole Oral (Solution) adult paediatric
Posaconazole (IV) adult
Posaconazole (Tablet) adult
Isoniazid adult paediatric
Rifampin adult paediatric
Pyrazinamide adult paediatric
Ethambutol adult paediatric
Moxifloxacin adult
Levofloxacin adult
Bedaquiline adult
Para-aminosalicylic acid adult

Cardiovascular & Coagulation Management

Currently Available

Digoxin adult
Enoxaparin adult
Factor VIII adult paediatric
Warfarin Oral adult paediatric

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Dabigatran adult


Currently Available

Busulfan adult paediatric
Busulfan Oral adult paediatric
Carboplatin adult
Cyclosporine Oral adult
Imatinib Mesylate Oral adult
Methotrexate adult paediatric

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Velcade (Bortezomib) adult
Fludarabine adult paediatric

Transplant Medicine

Currently Available

Busulfan adult paediatric
Busulfan Oral adult paediatric
Cyclosporine Oral adult
Tacrolimus (Prograf) Oral adult
Tacrolimus XL Oral adult

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Anti-thymocyte Globulin adult paediatric
Cyclosporine Oral paediatric neonatal
Mycophenolate paediatric
Everolimus adult
Tacrolimus (Prograf) Oral paediatric
Sirolimus adult paediatric


Currently Available

Valproic Acid adult paediatric

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Phenytoin adult paediatric


Currently Available

Busulfan Oral
Factor VIII
Gentamicin neonatal
Tobramycin neonatal
Vancomycin neonatal
Valproic Acid
Warfarin Oral

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Anti-thymocyte Globulin
Cyclosporine Oral neonatal
Fluconazole neonatal
Itraconazole Oral (Capsule)
Itraconazole Oral (Solution)
Tacrolimus Prograf Oral
Valproic Acid
Linezolid neonatal

* Drug model not available in the USA

We are continually expanding the range of drug models on the DoseMeRx platform. If you’re interested in a custom model, our process makes it simple and safe. Get in touch with us today.

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