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DoseMe Expands Vancomycin Hemodialysis Model

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February 15, 2024

DoseMe, a leading provider of model informed precision dosing, today announced the availability of its new vancomycin hemodialysis (HD) model.

Patients undergoing intermittent hemodialysis (IHD) present unique challenges in vancomycin therapy, notably due to the impact of dialysis on drug clearance and exposure. The primary concern in this patient population is to ensure that therapeutic concentrations are achieved as early as possible and maintained throughout the duration of therapy. The vancomycin HD model is designed with an acute understanding of these challenges, offering dosing recommendations that account for dialysis related variables. 

“DoseMe is dedicated to refining the clinical utilization of therapies. Acknowledged as the last mile of precision medicine, dosing is critical to improving patient outcomes,” states Sharmeen Roy, PharmD, BCPS, Chief Strategy & Science Officer, DoseMe. “This personalized approach optimizes vancomycin dosing based on each patient’s individual hemodialysis regimen, leading to more accurate and precise dosing recommendations.”

Vancomycin management in hemodialysis patients has long been a complex challenge, compounded by the need for frequent therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM). The vancomycin HD model enables personalized dosing that reduces the necessity for multiple blood draws for vancomycin levels.

Fixed dosing regimens often fall short in considering individual patient characteristics such as obesity and fluid status, which are incorporated in DoseMeRx. Additional clearance parameter enables accurate modelling of both non-HD and intradialytic clearance. This facilitates an accurate simulation of vancomycin blood concentrations in patient receiving intermittent hemodialysis and allows for the dynamic dialysis schedule and duration of each session.

Implementing this optimized model could further enhance precision and personalization of vancomycin therapy in hemodialysis patients. The model incorporates individual patient factors and vancomycin concentration data to continually update the model and refine dose recommendations over the course of therapy. This would maximize achievement of therapeutic exposures, minimize risk of toxicity, and account for unique patient circumstances like changes in hemodialysis timing. 

Overall, integrating the optimized model with DoseMeRx has potential to improve vancomycin dosing accuracy and outcomes in the hemodialysis population.

For more information and an overview of all models currently available, visit https://doseme-rx.com/why-dosemerx/drug-packages

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