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HIPPA Privacy Statement

At DoseMe Pty Ltd, we store personal health information entered by our users or uploaded from connected electronic medical record systems in order to provide accurate, personalized dose recommendations. We are committed to private and secure storage of personal health information. For technical information, please refer to our data security documentation. We store US healthcare data in Microsoft Azure in an Illinois-based facility.

Notice of Information Practices and Privacy Statement

This Notice of Health Information Practices is required by law. It describes how and when we use or disclose your protected personal health information. Disclosure may occur without your authorization for purposes of treatment, payment, and health care operations. This notice also describes your related rights as defined by federal regulations, often referred to as HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act).

For DoseMe Pty Ltd, Provider of DoseMe and DoseMeRX

Contact Details:

Attn: Privacy Officer,
DoseMe Pty Ltd,
Level 2, 4 Frederick St,
Taringa, QLD 4068,

How We Collect Information About You:

DoseMe and its employees and volunteers collect protected personal health data from the encrypted, electronic submission by clinician users that is necessary to provide dose recommendations.

What We Do Not Do With Your Information:

Patient information provided to us is held in strictest confidence.

We do not give out, exchange, barter, rent, sell, lend, or disseminate any information about patients who receive our services that is considered patient confidential, is restricted by law, or has been specifically restricted by a patient in a signed HIPAA consent form.

How We Do Use Your Information:

Information is only used as is reasonably necessary to provide dose individualization services which may require communication between DoseMe and health care providers, medical product or service providers, pharmacies, insurance companies, and other providers necessary to: verify your medical information is accurate; collect required data to perform dose individualization; perform dose individualization. In order to perform this service, we reserve the right to use this data to monitor, maintain, and improve the dose individualization services that we provide. Whenever possible, we will use de-identified data for these purposes.

If required by law, your non-medical information can be given to legal authorities including police, investigators, courts, and/or attorneys or other legal professionals, as well as any other information as permitted by law.

We may use de-identified and pooled data for research in order to improve our dose individualization services, and this may be shared with third-parties in order to complete this research. You may restrict us in this use as a patient/client by submitting a signed HIPAA consent form.

Information We Do Not Collect:

As patients do not visit our site, we do not track patients as visitors. We do not collect data other than is necessary to provide dose individualization services. For example, we do not collect medical progress notes, but do collect medication orders and may collect discharge summaries.

If you have any questions, or would like further clarification, please contact us.

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