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DoseMe Enhances Web-based User Experience and Capability to Further Scale its Precision Dosing Platform

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Sophisticated precision dosing software offers a superior structured perspective that is clinically intuitive with equitable access for hospitals and healthcare organizations of any size

Jupiter, FL – July 1, 2024

DoseMe, a leading provider of model-informed precision dosing (MIPD) software, announced today the general availability of its enhanced web-based platform. These technical improvements streamline the workflow and offer the same user experience as fully integrated DoseMeRx customers. This change offers caregivers improved efficiencies.

DoseMeRx is unique, easy-to-use, decision-support software already used by clinicians worldwide to support patients’ dosing. The platform leverages clinically validated pharmacokinetic drug models, patient characteristics, and drug concentrations to guide dose optimization. The proprietary algorithms have been the lynchpin to dosing strategies and outcomes in millions of patients.

« The incredible adoption in the marketplace fuels our ongoing investment in the product roadmap. This current version further separates DoseMeRx. The best MIPD platform user experience just got better,” said Paul Edwards, CEO of DoseMe. « The platform is designed to be equitable for all organizations, with access to all embedded resources, as precision dosing is instrumental to the future of medicine.”

The adoption of precision dosing is on the rise as most pharmacists and clinicians are switching from trough-based to area-under-the-curve (AUC), and more specifically, focusing on drug exposure. DoseMe stands at the forefront of the precision dosing ecosystem, offering rich dataset models informing personalization for every patient and overall improves efficiency. The enhanced platform offers visually engaging and highly interactive dashboards, alongside in-depth reporting and analytics, delivers an intelligent and guided user experience throughout all phases of the dosing process. Release highlights include:

  • New User Experience: Designed for practitioners and pharmacists, DoseMeRx Web platform 2.0 delivers a modern look and feel with visual dashboards, workflows, and built-in guidance for personalized patient dosing.
  • Data Analytics: Optimal user experience – Clear, standard data report options as well as intuitive data selection. Identify and report select patient groups, data elements, and time periods with ease.
  • Patient Simulation: Standalone patient simulation preview panel now displays more information giving you even better insight into the patient’s current treatment and response.
  • Consolidated code-base: enables all DoseMeRx drug models on both the integrated and web-based instances

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About DoseMe

DoseMe combines smart technology with science, leveraging clinically-validated PK/PD models, patient characteristics, drug concentrations, and genotype to accurately individualize a dose in seconds. The platform is HIPAA, ISO & FDA compliant and the only Bayesian dosing platform to be HITRUST CSF certified. For more information on successful applications of its products, DoseMeRx and DoseMe Analytics, visit https://doseme-rx.com/success-stories

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