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A.C. Camargo Cancer Center Harnesses the Power of DoseMe Precision Dosing Platform to Substantially Reduce Toxicity and Kidney Injuries

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Evidence-Based Therapeutic Drug Monitoring Software Achieves a Significant 70% Decrease in Kidney Injury Rates among Oncology Patients

August 30, 2023

DoseMe, a leading provider of precision dosing software for therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM) and creators of DoseMeRx and DoseMe Analytics, today announced AC Camargo Cancer Center continues to recognize improved patient care with real world data dosing results.

A.C. Camargo is an integrated Cancer Center for diagnosis, treatment, education and research. Since its inception in 1953, A.C. Camargo has made significant and ongoing contributions to the fight against cancer and it is recognized internationally as a reference institution.

“Oncologists rely on our infectious disease experts that integrate the therapeutic drug monitoring team to interpret the antimicrobials serum concentrations results and ensure we are complying with numerous international guidelines,” stated Dr. Joao Telles, A.C. Camargo Infectious Disease Specialist. « DoseMe is critical to our team’s ability to access real-time data and continue to deliver on our promise of customized care for every single patient. » During the 33th ECCMID in Denmark, Dr. Telles shared the results of A.C. Camargo’s precision dosing initiative which included a 70% decrease in the rate of kidney injury from patients that used vancomycin.

Dr. Telles holds a PhD in Infectious Diseases from University of São Paulo (FMUSP) and is a professor at the Post Graduate Program at Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein. He is currently the infectious diseases specialist responsible for the therapeutic drug monitoring of antimicrobials at the AC Camargo Cancer Center and he is in charge of the Infection Control Department at Hospital Universitário Evangélico Mackenzie (Curitiba- PR).

At the upcoming International Association of Therapeutic Drug Monitoring & Clinical Toxicology (IATDMCT) Congress in Oslo, Dr. Telles will share his expertise during the Anti-infectives TDM Studies and Endpoints session on Monday, September 25, 2023, 4:00 PM – 5:30 PM. 

Presentation title: TDM in Countries with Other Resources, Focus on Costs

At A.C. Camargo Cancer Center, the patient is initially evaluated by a multidisciplinary group of specialists and then passes through an integrated process of care, from diagnosis to rehabilitation. The protocols of these procedures are based on scientific evidence. Doctors and scientists work together to develop research that will be applied in oncology in the future. This results in the utilization of the best therapeutic alternatives and, consequently, increases cure rates and patient survival. 

Precision dosing is imperative for cancer patients and the flexible sample collection improved the dynamics between all teams involved from lab, nurses, clinical pharmacists, and infectious disease specialists,” added Telles. 

“DoseMe’s mission is to support our clinicians in delivering high-quality evidence-based medicine and the results recognized by A.C. Camargo are phenomenal,” stated Dr. Sharmeen Roy, PharmD, BCPS, Chief Strategy and Science Officer. “With our team of bioinformaticians, scientists, and clinical pharmacists, we offer clinically-validated models for adult and pediatric patients in a range of therapeutic areas, including oncology.”

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DoseMe combines smart technology with science, leveraging clinically-validated PK/PD models, patient characteristics, drug concentrations, and genotype to accurately individualize a dose in seconds. The platform is HIPAA, ISO & FDA compliant and the only Bayesian dosing platform to be HITRUST CSF certified. For more information on successful applications of its products, DoseMeRx and DoseMe Analytics, visit https://doseme-rx.com/success-stories

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