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TDI Welcomes Leading Teaching Institutions to Ever Expanding Family

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The DoseMe University Program – The Dosing Institute – welcomes partnerships with leading pharmacy and medical teaching institutions Texas Tech University (USA), The State University of New York (USA), Aston University (UK) and Feevale (Brazil) joining the likes of Uppsala University (Sweden) and University of Sydney (Australia).

Universities all around the world are jumping at the opportunity to join The Dosing Institute (TDI) focused on helping to teach pharmacokinetics in a practical, visual and engaging way.

“PK/PD can be difficult to teach, with most Pharmacy and Medicdosemeal students struggling to appreciate its importance in a clinical setting. TDI is a free program offered to universities all around the world, with more than 30 universities accessing TDI and offering it to their students since it was launched in late 2016. The current universities represent thousands of students a year accessing TDI. Our goal is to help as many universities and students as possible worldwide” said Chief Executive Officer, Charles Cornish.

The Dosing Institute assists in teaching pharmacokinetics in a practical, visual and engaging way- providing real patient cases and real patient data that allows students to investigate what the outcome of changing a patient’s course of therapy would be. To enable this learning, TDI utilizes an educational version of DoseMeRX, an easy-to-use individual pharmacokinetic modelling software, that helps students stay up-to-date with the latest in clinical practice tools for pharmacokinetics.

Free of charge for teaching and learning purposes, these materials and tools can easily be integrated into existing curriculum or as a stand-alone adjunct for students to experiment.

Universities can visit The Dosing Institute to browse the tutorials, supporting literature and gain access to the DoseMe platform.

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