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Physiomics Adds Modeling and Data Science Functionality to DoseMe’s Precision Dosing Platform

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June 25, 2024

Physiomics plc (AIM: PYC), a leading mathematical modelling and data science company supporting the development of new therapeutics and personalised medicine solutions, is pleased to announce that it has re-engaged with DoseMe and agreed to implement the Company’s personalised dosing software on the DoseMeRx platform as well as explore research collaborations. The Physiomics software will be made available to selected DoseMe clients, initially on a research basis, but with the objective of adding paid functionality later, in particular relating to the potential for the software to be able to provide decision support around the use of granulocyte colony stimulating factor (“GCSF”).


The Company’s personalised dosing software has been developed primarily with grant funding from UK bodies including £68,000 from Innovate UK (March 2018), £150,000 from the National Institute for Health and Care Research to fund the PARTNER study (March 2020) and most recently £137,376 from Innovate UK and The Office for Life Sciences to fund the PREDICT-ONC study (November 2023).

The software was initially focused on cancer chemotherapies (such as docetaxel) that can cause reduced white cell counts (neutropenia) and potentially lead to infection and hospitalisation. Based on a series of blood tests in the early weeks of a patient’s chemotherapy treatment, the software is calibrated for each individual to provide an estimate of the extent and timing of neutropenia. It also allows clinicians to amend the dose of chemotherapy and see the predicted effect on neutrophil levels.

Collaboration with DoseMe

The Company first entered into a collaboration with DoseMe at the end of 2020 and the two companies worked together during 2021 to implement a demonstration version of the Physiomics software to facilitate review with US based pharmacists and clinicians. Feedback from this exercise suggested that the need for additional blood tests to calibrate the software could be a disincentive to its use and that, in addition, some focus on more modern, costly drugs would be of interest. During 2022 DoseMe’s then parent company announced its planned divestment and DoseMe was acquired by a private equity group in early 2023. During that year, in parallel with applying for and winning a further Innovate UK grant, the Company re-engaged with DoseMe’s new management, culminating in today’s announcement of the plan to launch the Company’s dosing software on the recently upgraded and expanded DoseMeRx platform and to make it available, initially on a research basis, to selected US clients. It is expected that the software will be made available in the second half of 2024. The two companies have also agreed to identify one or more centres in the US, currently served by DoseMe, that have historical patient data that could be used to further develop Physiomics’ dosing software and specifically to enhance its ability to support decision making around the use of the expensive biological drug GCSF which is commonly used by clinicians to counteract the neutropenic tendency of chemotherapeutic agents.

Moving Forwards

The focus of the Company’s personalised dosing initiatives going forwards will be to expand the capability of the software to support dosing decision making around not only chemotherapeutic agents but GCSF. Both the ongoing PREDICT-ONC study and potential secondary research with DoseMe clients in the US will support this objective. In parallel, the Company is seeking ways to make the blood sampling required by its software more convenient for patients. This can potentially be achieved by using the software in other settings where frequent blood sampling already occurs, but also through exploration of the use of new diagnostic devices that can obtain and analyse blood samples in community or home settings (such at that being developed by our partner company Beyond Blood Diagnostics).

As the Company continues to develop its personalised dosing software, it will actively consider the most appropriate way to ring fence resources for this part of its business. Options under consideration include creation of a dedicated business unit, creation of a wholly owned subsidiary or a joint venture with a party with complementary technology/ capabilities. As further progress is made towards one of these, further updates will be provided accordingly.
Dr Peter Sargent, CEO, commented: “I’m really pleased that we’ve able to progress this initiative and the team are excited to build upon the partnership with DoseMe to further develop our Personalised Oncology Dosing Software”.

Paul Edwards, CEO, DoseMe, commented: “Oncology is one area that will benefit tremendously from precision dosing. The results from the initial research point to constructive data output that will enhance dosing decision and ultimately, make life changing differences for patients.”

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