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Transform the way you work, with real-time dosing data at your fingertips.

Analyze dosing practices & outcomes in real time

User-friendly dashboards make it easy to track performance, so you can quickly identify any gaps, optimize workflows, and improve patient outcomes.

Simplify complex clinical data

See key dosing metrics, with as much or as little detail as you’d like. Filter your data view and download a snapshot of the dashboard at any time. Get presentation-ready, in seconds.

What our customers are saying:

“Historically this has all been done manually; this is a timesaver, instead of having to wait to pull charts. I think this is a great way going forward to have the data at your fingertips and be able to do things with it that you weren’t able to do because of time. And it’s really nice to see that if we make a change, we’ll be able to see the measurements right away.”

Rebecca Amen | PharmD, BCPS

Clinical Pharmacy Specialist | Infectious Diseases Benefis Health System

“I love the ability to jump in and see data. My favorite graph is Trough vs. AUC; it’s an awesome way for us to justify AUC and ignore trough. This is so important to educate and get pharmacists on board with the new way of dosing.”

DoseMe Analytics user

“It’s a very succinct dashboard, everything is right there, front facing. You can drill down into it, and customize at the institution level as you’re going through data. The biggest thing for us has been the fact that it’s real time and easily accessible, and we can get feedback to our end users quickly.”

William L. Musick | Pharm. D., BCPS

Infectious Diseases Clinical Specialist | Houston Methodist Hospital

Embedded within DoseMeRx, your dashboards
collect data straight from the source.

Meet your Clinical Analytics dashboard.

Compare trough vs. AUC outcomes

See the correlation between trough and AUC24 outcomes, a powerful visualization of the benefits of AUC dosing.

Easily assess patient risk

Understand patient risk indicators, like AKI, to help prevent adverse patient outcomes.

Track time to therapeutic targets

Evaluate time to reach target AUC to uncover institutional trends. Filter by drug model or time, it’s up to you.

Monitor daily dosages

Track the average dose administered alongside the average individual dose amount to monitor your team’s change in dosing practices.

Meet your Usage Statistics dashboard.

Get an understanding of your
team’s drug model usage

Gain insight into whether or not usage aligns with expectations and actual patient demographics.

Monitor protocol compliance

Track the amount of dosing reports generated to help monitor adherence to your protocol, and identify any needs for revision.

Discover ways to optimize workflow

Understand when your team uses DoseMeRx the most to help improve efficiencies.

Why DoseMe Analytics?

Real-time data feed

Available directly in DoseMeRx
(no need for third-party programs!)

Easy to use dashboards

Presentation-ready interactive visualizations

Unlock the power of real-time dosing data with DoseMe Analytics.

Want to learn more about how DoseMe Analytics can help you improve patient outcomes, create operational efficiencies, and power your institution with data-driven insights? Get in touch today.

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