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DoseMe and Cerner – Tomorrow, Today – Cerner Health Conference 2017

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DoseMe Chief Scientific Officer, Robert McLeay, demonstrates DoseMeRx SMART-on-FHIR at Cerner Health Conference 2017.

Thousands of people converged on Kansas City, Missouri last week as it played host to the 2017 Cerner Health Conference. The theme of this year’s conference, “Tomorrow, Today,” focused on innovation, collaboration and the possibilities in healthcare today and for the future. A perfect fit for DoseMe – as there is a huge opportunity to improve healthcare today, and we want to improve it.

Traffic at our booth was heavy, as was attendance with more than 14,000 people at this year’s show. We were also pleased that interest in DoseMeRx SMART-on-FHIR was at an all-time high throughout the four-day conference.

We had exciting discussions with Cerner customers who were thrilled to learn about real-time precision dosing support within their existing workflows to help pharmacists and doctors prescribe patients the optimal dose. Many of the discussions centred around similar experiences and difficulties with therapeutic drug monitoring:

  • Antimicrobial stewardship dose adjustments are time consuming and can be significantly reduced.
  • Paediatric dosing is hard across the board – little people aren’t just smaller adults.
  • Immunosuppressant dosing for transplant needs consistent, reproducible individualization strategies.
  • Without software like DoseMeRx, antimicrobial stewardship wastes many assays and increases costs, with a heavy reliance on specific collection times.

Prior to DoseMeRx, there have been limited solutions in clinical practice for calculating precise, individualised medication doses. Bayesian dosing methods have successfully demonstrated to have both efficacy and cost-effectiveness for dosing many classes of drugs over the past 50 years (Gillaizeau F, 2013), yet have not been widely implemented in clinical practice due to computational requirements and the complexity of the available research tools.

DoseMeRx is designed from the ground-up as a clinically-focused decision support tool with the ease of use necessary for widespread clinical implementation.

We had a lot of fun (especially at the neon-themed Big Bash on the last night!) and most importantly were privileged to be among the selected innovative technologies on show this year helping healthcare organisations move toward a value-based system and advance health care. We look forward to following up with the numerous Cerner clients we spoke to and our attendance at the 2018 Cerner Health Conference!

To learn more about DoesMeRx SMART-on-FHIR or request a demonstration, contact us today.

Authored by Robert McLeay, Chief Scientific Officer, DoseMe

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