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Optimizing Therapy with Cyclosporine at the University Medical Centre Maribor

In this article:

The University Medical Centre Maribor published Optimising therapy with cyclosporine at the University Medical Centre Maribor – a study evaluating the importance of therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM) utilizing DoseMeRx (Bayesian dosing) to optimize cyclosporine treatment.

The belief that therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM) and individual dosing contribute greatly to the safety and efficacy of cyclosporine treatment drove the study. The University Medical Centre of Maribor conducted the 6-month study on patients receiving cyclosporine therapy due to autoimmune diseases.

The study assesses the importance of a clinical pharmacy driven computerized TDM service using DoseMeRx for the optimization of cyclosporine treatment. Key findings from the study include:

  • Increased percentage of therapeutic range – the percentage of cyclosporine levels went from 38% to 67%
  • Increased number of days in therapeutic range – the average went from 37.5 to 70 days

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