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DoseMe Announces 2023 Highlights; Precision Dosing Fast-Tracking to Top Trend in 2024

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Company Touts Consecutive Record Quarters for New Sales in Second Half of 2023 and Expansion in 29 New Countries

January 24, 2024

DoseMe, a leading provider of precision dosing software for Model Informed Precision Dosing (MIPD) and creators of DoseMeRx and DoseMe Analytics, today announces its company highlights for 2023 and outlook for 2024.

«In the post-COVID landscape, health systems are coping with stretched resources while striving to maintain high-quality patient care. Recognizing these challenges, an increasing number of institutions are adopting DoseMe Analytics and using their data in a meaningful way to impact patient care,” said Paul Edwards, CEO at DoseMe. “This growing trend underpins the need for therapeutic drug monitoring and we believe the company is poised for breakthrough growth in 2024.»

2023 Highlights 


  • DoseMe acquired by Fairlong Capital, LLC
  • Paul Edwards appointed to CEO
  • Dr. Sharmeen Roy, PharmD, BCPS, promoted to Chief Science and Strategy officer
  • John Hardesky appointed to Chief Commercial Officer
  • Only dosing platform that is HITRUST Risk-based certified, renewed 2-year certification demonstrating the highest level of information protection assurance

Science and Product

  • Clinical Advisory Board Leadership – appointment of Dr. Marc Scheetz to chair, bringing a wealth of experience and background in pharmacometrics with commitment to dose optimization.
  • Redefining medication efficacy standards – addition of predictive models to extend beyond traditional antibiotics, initiating a fundamental change in dosing practices, empowering clinicians to improve patient outcomes through precision medicine.

Partners and Customers

  • Expanded distribution network with exclusive resellers across 29 countries.
  • Broaden genetic biomarker capabilities for precision dosing, enabling the capability in multiple hospitals resulting in significant improvements.
  • In a series of strategic implementations, DoseMe has partnered with several distinguished healthcare institutions looking to optimize their therapeutic protocols. 
  • Advanced compliance with dosing protocols, significantly diminishing adverse events such as toxicity and acute kidney injuries (AKI) and enhancing the overall level of patient care. 
  • Integrated advanced dosing algorithms and genetic biomarker analysis into their patient care protocols, enabling more personalized treatments aligned with individual patient profiles and genetic markers. 

Media Awards, Articles and Global Education

2024 Outlook

The FDA recommendation in early 2023 to use AUC is an important and significant shift in vancomycin dosing and monitoring augmenting the mission to advance better patient outcomes. Research reports continue to include precision medicine, and dosing specifically, as a key trend in 2024 and beyond.

Among the operational plans for 2024, DoseMe will continue to build new drug models to broaden the MIPD platform, diversify the channels and add new partners that will enable the company to offer a wide range of AI-powered systems for real-time patient care.

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About DoseMe:
DoseMe combines smart technology with science, leveraging clinically-validated PK/PD models, patient characteristics, drug concentrations, and genotype to accurately individualize a dose in seconds. The platform is HIPAA, ISO & FDA compliant and the only Bayesian dosing platform to be HITRUST CSF certified. For more information on successful applications of its products, DoseMeRx and DoseMe Analytics, visit https://doseme-rx.com/success-stories.

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Alison Guzzio

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