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DoseMe Signs 3-Year Agreement with Portugal’s National Health Service

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MOORESTOWN, N.J., (June 6, 2019) – Tabula Rasa HealthCare, Inc. (TRHC) (NASDAQ: TRHC), precision dosing software company DoseMe, today announced a three-year agreement with Portugal’s National Health Service, Centro Hospitalar Lisboa Ocidental (CHLO) for DoseMe’s proprietary dose optimization software – DoseMeRx.

“Therapeutic drug monitoring of medications that have a narrow therapeutic window is a challenging element for any hospital pharmacy team, and our center has a long tradition of it. That’s why we strive for consistent decision support solutions to help us develop clinical excellence,” said Fátima Falcão, PhD, Director of Pharmacy, Centro Hospitalar Lisboa Ocidental.

“DoseMe has provided our team with a consistent, efficient and easy-to-use means of supporting our dosing decisions for these drugs. Additionally, and in accordance with continuous improvement, DoseMeRx has made it possible to incorporate some of our feedback, which we consider very positive. Its friendliness also has allowed us to optimize the process itself, improving dosing individualization and therefore patient outcomes, which is directly aligned with our ultimate goal,” she said.

Established in 2006, CHLO is a health network of three hospitals including, Egas Moniz, Santa Cruz and São Francisco Xavier in Lisbon, Portugal. CHLO has clinical expertise in differentiated healthcare areas, benefiting from the acknowledged quality of care among all of its hospital units. As a medical support service, the Pharmacy Department adopts principles, values and mission policies of the organization, including the commitment to continuous training, teaching and research.

“It’s a privilege to partner with CHLO to help simplify their workflows in their mission to provide the best individualized care for their patients,” said TRHC’s Chairman and CEO Calvin H. Knowlton, Ph.D. “This partnership is representative of Portugal’s National Health Service’s commitment to ensure the patient is always the top priority in decision making and ensuring their clinicians have the tools to help them be the best they can be for every patient, every time,” he said.

“Working with Fátima and her team, it’s clear they are committed to the delivery of high-quality care and recognize the importance of individualizing medication therapy for every patient,” said Charles Cornish, Chief Executive Officer, DoseMe. “I’m honored to be working with CHLO andproviding the opportunity to create new efficiencies in medication management that will lead to a significant impact on patient safety and outcomes.”

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