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DoseMe teams up with EHR vendor Cerner to deliver Precision Medicine

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DoseMe today announced a strategic partnership with Cerner – a global leader in healthcare technology – to deliver the benefits of real-time precision dosing software, DoseMeRx, in Cerner’s electronic health record platform, Millennium utilizing Ignite APIs.

Precision dosing is proven to significantly improve the quality of patient care and safety by decreasing adverse drug events, reducing unnecessary blood sampling, minimizing drug-related toxicities and decreasing healthcare costs.

“Working with Cerner to enable precision dosing through SMART on FHIR in the environment healthcare professionals use every day, will enable them to leverage DoseMeRx as part of their current workflows to make the best possible treatment decisions for each patient,” said DoseMe Chief Executive Officer, Charles Cornish.

For many medicines, the difference between an effective dose and a toxic dose is very small; making accurate dose calculations a critical, and challenging, aspect of care. Due to the lack of available tools that are easy-to-use and integrate into existing workflows, dose adjustments have historically been performed using clinical judgement, in Excel spreadsheets or by hand.

DoseMeRx allows healthcare professionals to dose a patient based on their individual ability to absorb, metabolize, distribute and eliminate a therapeutic drug. When accessed through Cerner, DoseMeRx automatically extracts readily available information such as age, weight, dose administered, and previous response to therapy, to quickly and accurately calculate the most effective dose to reach a desired therapeutic target, without any additional data entry.

“DoseMeRx eliminates the traditional clinical-experience led trial and error methods of slowly adjusting the dose up and down. DoseMeRx uses the available information from pathology results to measure how that patient is responding to therapy – and thereby calculates a much more precise dose,” said DoseMe Founder and Chief Scientific Officer, Robert McLeay PhD.

As a fully-HIPAA compliant platform, DoseMeRx provides added safety and security for healthcare providers, preventing risks associated with the breach of protected health information.

“As a powerhouse in the healthcare technology space, the focus of the collaboration with Cerner is on delivering better outcomes for patients.

“The partnership is a major leap forward in helping healthcare providers achieve improved medication response and outcomes for patients through access to reliable and clinically validated precision dosing within existing workflows,” said Cornish.

About DoseMeRx

DoseMeRx is a precision dosing software designed for healthcare practitioners that uses Bayesian dosing methods to predict the optimal dose of drugs monitored by Therapeutic Drug Monitoring. It is unique support software that leverages clinically validated pharmacokinetic drug models, patient characteristics, genotype (if available) and exact patient responses to the drug dosed (via drug concentrations) to guide dose optimization. It’s simplicity and portability means Bayesian dosing benefits can be brought to every bedside.

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