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Our team of bioinformaticians, scientists, and clinical pharmacists meticulously select the best clinically-validated PK/PD models for DoseMeRx. View DoseMeRx drug models for all therapeutic areas here.

DoseMeRx oncology drug models for adult and pediatric patients: 

Currently available


Busulfan Oral 


Cyclosporine Oral 

Imatinib Mesylate 


Available on request

Velcade (Bortezomib) 


Simplify busulfan dosing for providers & patients with only two levels

Busulfan dosing is a complex process due to various factors that impact its effectiveness and safety. 

Busulfan drug exposure must be maintained within a narrow therapeutic range. If the drug exposure is too high, there is an increased risk of toxicity and of transplantation-related mortality. If the dose is too low, there is an increased probability of graft rejection or disease relapse. Additionally, accurately estimating the AUC and adjusting the dosage accordingly can be difficult.

Conventional methods of dosing busulfan also require multiple blood samples, typically around 5-8, to measure AUC. This frequent sampling is not only time-consuming for providers, but also increases patient discomfort.

There’s an easier way to dose! The challenges of busulfan dosing emphasize the need for advanced tools and technology, such as DoseMeRx, to simplify the dosing process and reduce the burden on patients. 

study comparing the conventional multi-sample AUC estimation model of busulfan dosing in HCT patients with a two-sample protocol using DoseMeRx, found that DoseMeRx:

  • Only needs two levels for an accurate estimate of AUC 
  • Provides greater flexibility in the timing of levels 
  • Achieves a therapeutic range quicker

The study also demonstrated that using only two levels can save time and optimize workflow for providers, as well as lessen patient distress. 

« We have been using DoseMeRx for almost a year now. During this period, we noticed a 70% decrease in the rate of kidney injury. DoseMeRx demonstrated an important cost-effectiveness even in regions with limited resources, mainly due to the shorter hospitalization time. In addition, the flexible sample collection schedule improved the dynamics between all teams involved in therapeutic drug monitoring. »

 Joao Paulo Telles, MD, PhD – Infectious Diseases Specialist

A.C. Camargo Cancer Center

Patients can’t wait: Ensuring continuity in cancer treatment during the carboplatin drug shortage

When patients rely on access to life-saving chemotherapy agents, the ongoing carboplatin drug shortage—­caused by manufacturing issues, supply chain disruptions, and increased demand—has become a critical concern. With limited supplies of carboplatin available, you’re faced with the daunting task of optimizing its utilization while prioritizing patient care and outcomes.

Oncology drug shortages have substantial economic costs and requires treatment changes that may affect both efficacy and toxicity. Having a tool like DoseMeRx can facilitate with mitigating strategy like dose reductions while still achieving therapy targets.

Because of the shortage, it is ever more important that you are using precise dose. Conventional dosing methods result in large individual differences in exposure to carboplatin. Bayesian methods, as used by DoseMeRx, allow for less variability in exposure between patients, achieving target with greater precision.

Our mission is to support oncology providers by offering innovative dosing software that optimizes the utilization of drugs. DoseMeRx empowers clinicians to make precise dosing calculations, which can allow for dosing of more patients due to a large intra-patient variability.

Request a demo to see the DoseMeRx carboplatin model in action. 

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