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Meet the Team

Team Members

Charles Cornish, Chief Executive Officer

Charles Cornish

Chief Executive Officer

Charles' background encompasses more than 20 years in medical devices, pharmaceuticals, healthcare consumables, funds management and management consulting. Charles’ roles have progressed from sales & marketing, strategy, finance through to CEO level and Board seats. These roles have spanned the geographic regions of Europe, South America and Australasia.

Robert McLeay, Ph.D, Founder & Chief Scientific Officer

Robert McLeay, Ph.D

Founder & Chief Scientific Officer

Robert McLeay founded DoseMe in April 2014 after two years of prototype development. Robert originally led software development teams to successfully deliver complex projects to hundreds of thousands of users before completing a PhD and switching his career to medical research. He combines both these interests in DoseMe, with the goal of providing access to the current best-practice dosing.

Dallon London, VP Global Sales

Dallon London

VP Global Sales

Dallon London brings twenty-five years of commercial experience developing partnerships that leverage new and existing technologies to improve healthcare outcomes. Dallon has always had a keen personal interest in medicines and their role in improving and extending lives in today’s world. This interest further developed during an undergraduate degree in pharmacology and biochemistry. While working a range of commercial roles, Dallon completed postgraduate qualifications in change management and an MBA.

Andre Pontin, VP Sales and Business Development

Andre Pontin

VP Sales and Business Development

Andre is obsessed with making the perfect flat white, and when he’s not busy doing that he’s focused on improving healthcare. As an experienced healthcare executive, he has a proven track record in creating strategic partnerships, large enterprise sales agreements, business development and deep customer relationships. Andre in an integral part of the digital solution landscape and is also an active member in the global digital health ecosystem. He’s an Aussie, who calls the USA his home, and lives in Texas with his wife and two children.

Arnel Rillo, VP Corporate Strategy

Arnel Rillo

VP Corporate Strategy

When Arnel’s not striking the golf ball on the course, he’s driving strategy in the DoseMe office. As a leader and entrepreneur with over twenty years of healthcare experience, Arnel possesses extensive knowledge of the many sectors of healthcare. Having worked for Fortune 100 companies such as United Health Group, Arnel has had the opportunity to network and connect with many contacts in the industry. Arnel is also a keen traveller, with the big Island of Hawaii being his top destination so far.

Tom Riester, VP Sales and Business Development

Tom Riester

VP Sales and Business Development

All Tom dreams about is improving lives through technology enabled solutions. His favorite things are fly fishing, his three children and steak, not necessarily in that order. Before DoseMe, Tom focused on early commercialization success with solutions in Health IT, Regenerative Medicine, Medical Device and Consulting Services. Fortunate to have experienced Fortune 100 companies, Tom prefers the fast pace, excitement and accomplishment of early commercial stage companies.

Chris McKay, Senior Engineer

Chris McKay

Senior Engineer

From projects as varied as controller software for air cleansing systems in power plants, to complex integrations, to many different web applications, Chris has many years of experience in shipping production-quality software on-time and on-budget across a range of business areas. Chris regularly teaches software engineering to industry groups within Brisbane.

Holly McCallum, Customer Support Specialist

Holly McCallum

Customer Support Specialist

Holly joined DoseMe as an accomplished professional in the pharmacy industry. Having worked as a Professional Services Manager and Dispensary Technician, she has experience in implementing Dose Administration Aid solutions across Australia. Holly has always had a keen interest in health and would like to make a real difference to patient outcomes. She studied both Nursing and Pharmacy at University, and enjoys a range of activities in her spare time - from leisurely bike rides to skydiving.

Nicola Hunter, Marketing Communications Manager

Nicola Hunter

Marketing Communications Manager

Nikki is as a passionate writer and communicator having worked in the medical device and consumer healthcare industries for over nine years. Not long after completing a degree in Public Relations at the Queensland University of Technology in 2006, Nikki was lured by the glitz and glamour of Melbourne, before returning to Brisbane in 2016 to assume the position of Marketing Communications Manager at DoseMe.

Paul Sabourenkov, Bioinformatician

Paul Sabourenkov


Paul is a bioinformatician and software developer with a background in computer science, psychology and neuroscience. He has experience developing software in applied fields as varied as academic, biomedical, gaming, and mining. He has a keen interest in data science, machine learning and intelligence, both artificial and natural. In his spare time Paul indulges in analogue alternative process photography.


Simon Kos, M.D., DoseMe Advisor

Simon Kos, M.D.

DoseMe Advisor

Simon is passionate about improving healthcare through technology. As Chief Medical Officer and Senior Director, Worldwide Health, Microsoft, he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience as an advisor to DoseMe solutions. Prior to joining to Microsoft, he worked with global health IT companies Cerner and InterSystems implementing some large e-Health initiatives to major health networks. Prior to that, Dr. Kos practiced medicine for several years with a focus on critical care. Simon has an MBBS and a BSc (Med) from the University of New South Wales Australia, as well as an MBA from the Australian Graduate School of Management.

Jeremy Friese, M.D., DoseMe Advisor

Jeremy Friese, M.D.

DoseMe Advisor

Jeremy is an Advisor of DoseMe, a director for world-leading pharmacogenomics company, OneOme and managing partner at Invenshure, an early-stage venture firm based in Minneapolis. Jeremy was an interventional radiologist at Mayo Clinic, where he served as Associate Chair of the Department of Radiology and ran business development for Mayo Global Business Solutions. Jeremy earned his M.D. at Mayo Medical School and completed surgery and radiology training at Mayo Clinic and Harvard Medical School. He earned his M.B.A. from Harvard Business School.

Priscilla Rogers, Ph.D, DoseMe Advisor

Priscilla Rogers, Ph.D

DoseMe Advisor

Priscilla believes technology innovation in the health sector can significantly improve patient lives. For this reason, she has spent many years in the research, development and translation of new technologies to the health sector, both in a corporate and start-up setting. Priscilla is currently Vice President at Wintermute Biomedical, a US start-up developing a next-generation antibiotic to combat antimicrobial resistance. Prior to this, she was leading the Cognitive Health & Life Sciences portfolio at IBM Research - Australia, focussing on artificial intelligence, and co-owner of a medical device start-up, which was recently acquired. Priscilla’s passion for health and life sciences research began when she undertook a PhD in Engineering at Monash University, specializing in the exploitation of micro-scale phenomena for diagnostic applications.

Syed Tabish R. Zaidi, Ph.D,

Syed Tabish R. Zaidi, Ph.D

Tabish is an experienced clinical pharmacist, postgraduate course coordinator and a senior lecturer in clinical pharmacy at the University of Tasmania. He has a special interest in Infectious Diseases and Drug Dosing Research, and recently published the first drug reference book on drug dosing in obese patients; “Drug Dosing in Obesity-Vol I Antimicrobials” with Springer. Tabish has published over 30 peer-review papers in reputable journals and supervised research students to PhD completions. He is also leading pharmacy practice research projects in Australia, France and Middle East.


Steve Baxter, Investor

Steve Baxter


Steve Baxter is one of Australia’s most successful tech entrepreneurs, and an active investor and mentor to startups. Steve is a founding board member of advocacy group StartupAUS, the founder of Brisbane co-working community River City Labs, and the mission leader for Startup Catalyst.

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