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Dosing and monitoring of vancomycin can be complex, requiring clinicians to take many considerations into account including patient-specific factors that influence pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics.

DoseMeRx is a unique, easy-to-use decision support software used by hundreds of clinicians around the world to support the dosing for thousands of patients. The platform leverages clinically validated pharmacokinetic drug models, patient characteristics and drug concentrations to guide dose optimization of vancomycin.

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DoseMeRx integrates seamlessly into major EHR platforms powered by SMART® and FHIR® technologies. Proven to save time, reduce adverse drug events and improve patient outcomes. DoseMeRx complies with federal law and regulations for clinical decision support software (CDS) and is maintained to standards appropriate for a clinical environment.

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Why DoseMe?

Tabula Rasa HealthCare Science and Expertise

Tabula Rasa HealthCare is one of the largest companies in the US advancing the field of precision pharmacotherapy. With DoseMe, you have access to the leading minds in both scientific and applied precision pharmacotherapy dedicated to optimizing the use of medications.

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Healthcare providers around the globe trust DoseMe. Over 1,000 clinicians, across more than 100 locations world-wide, rely on DoseMeRx to optimize the vancomycin dosing for thousands of patients.

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We have a team of experts monitoring DoseMeRx and developing it in accordance with stringent medical device and software guidelines. Our platform is fully-HIPAA compliant so you can rest assure your data is always safe with us.


Leave the spreadsheets and complicated software behind you! It’ll take you just seconds to do complex calculations using DoseMeRx.

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Learning DoseMeRx is easy and takes just seconds! With training and support offered on all of our plans, you and your team can be up and running in minutes.

Clinically Validated Vancomycin Models and AUC Calculations Made Simple

Vancomycin dosing and monitoring support for adults

Standard Adult

Buelga et al. (2005)

Ideal for individualized dosing from just one drug concentration.

A clinically validated one-compartment vancomycin population model derived from a retrospective study on over 200 patients. It is a first order elimination model clinically validated in over 10,000 patients receiving vancomycin treatment for a range of indications.

Available Calculations

Trough Only / AUC24 / AUC24:MIC / Time to Trough

Complex & Critically Ill Adult

Goti et al. (2018)

Accurate estimation of AUC fitting to both distribution and elimination phases.

A two-compartment, zero-order absorption model derived from a retrospective study with a diverse cohort of over 1,800 patients. It is particularly useful for AUC-based dosing as it fits a more complex pharmacokinetic curve that models the distribution and elimination phases of vancomycin.

Available Calculations

AUC24 / AUC24:MIC / Trough Only / Time to Trough

Intermittent Hemodialysis Adult

Goti et al. (2018)

Supports dosing calculation for patients on high-flux, intermittent hemodialysis.

This model has been extrapolated from the two-compartment Goti et al. model which included over 300 patients on high-flux, intermittent hemodialysis.The primary dosing target in this patient population is trough dosing as AUC targets have not been established.

Available Calculations

AUC24 / Trough Only / AUC24:MIC / Time to Trough

Obese Adult

Adane et al. (2015)

Supports dosing calculation for patients with a body mass index (BMI) greater than 30.

This is a one-compartment, zero-order model designed specifically for extremely obese patients receiving vancomycin treatment. The study included 31 patients with a BMI greater than 40 and a median weight of 147.9kg.

Available Calculations

Trough Only / AUC24:MIC / Time to Trough

Vancomycin dosing and monitoring support for pediatrics and neonates

Pediatric & Adolescent

Lamarre et al. (2000)

Clinically validated model on pediatric and adolescent populations.

A two-compartment, zero order absorption model with age, sex, total body weight, and creatinine clearance as covariates as described in Lamarre et. al.

Patients Supported

Age: 0 – 18 years

Available Calculations

Trough Only / AUC24 / AUC24:MIC

Preterm & Neonate

Frymoyer et al. (2014)

Supports dosing of preterm neonates from as young as 22 weeks gestation.

This one-compartment, zero-order absorption model includes total body weight (TBW), serum creatinine, gestational age, and postmenstrual age as covariates as described in Frymoyer et. al.

Patients Supported

Age: 0 – 6 months

Available Calculations

Trough Only / AUC24 / AUC24:MIC

“It’s a straight-forward way to implement AUC-based decision making in vancomycin dosing whilst at the same time minimizing the number of levels needed. It’s a win, win… DoseMeRx solves my need.”

William L. Musick Pharm. D., BCPS Residency Program Director | Houston Methodist

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