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An easier way to implement vancomycin AUC

Calculating an AUC can be time-consuming. DoseMeRx and VigiLanz make it easy.

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DoseMeRx Now Available Inside VigiLanz Clinical Surveillance Platform

Our solution integrates the power of DoseMeRx, which uses Bayesian dosing, to significantly improve dosing accuracy and patient outcomes by helping you reach therapeutic targets quicker. With DoseMeRx embedded in the VigiLanz platform, you have instant access to personalized dosing.

Patient Data Automatically Loaded

DoseMeRx automatically pulls patient characteristics and drug concentrations from the VigiLanz platform to easily calculate a patients’ individualized dose, without the need for manual data entry – saving you time!

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Runs Natively Inside VigiLanz

You benefit from the convenience of no implementation project or IT setup required as DoseMeRx runs natively inside VigiLanz. Easily accessible, Precision Dosing powered by DoseMeRx is quickly accessed inside the VigiLanz platform through the dosing calculator tab.

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Ready to calculate AUC in seconds?

We’ve handled the implementation, so your team can start using DoseMeRx within VigiLanz for Bayesian-based dosing of vancomycin right away.

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Save time, optimize your workflow and patient outcomes

DoseMeRx uses Bayesian dosing to calculate a precise dose to achieve your clinical target. Take a look at what you can achieve with VigiLanz Precision Dosing powered by DoseMeRx.

Simple and Easy to Use

Embedded inside VigiLanz platform

Patient data automatically loaded

Calculate an area under the curve (AUC) dose recommendation in seconds

Flexible Timing of Drug Levels

Just one drug level required to calculate an AUC

Drug levels can be taken at any time

Reduce assays required by half

Halve the number of assays required

Decrease Clinical Variation

Increase Range

Data-driven approach to dose optimization

Increased proportion of patients in therapeutic range

Your Workflow, Only Simpler

Implement AUC based dosing easily with a wide range of vancomycin drug models

With a wide range of clinically validated vancomycin models for adults, pediatrics, and neonates, including obese and hemodialysis sub-populations you can calculate an individualized AUC vancomycin dose with just one level within your VigiLanz platform in seconds.

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