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Clinical Evidence

Published studies and evidence support DoseMeRx achieving therapeutic doses of important medications to streamline operations, improve drug effectiveness and reduce adverse events.

Peer-reviewed Literature

DoseMeRx has demonstrated clear clinical and operational benefits in independent peer-reviewed studies. 

  • DoseMeRx (Bayesian estimation) accurately identifies patients at risk of AKI from just one assay
    Authors: Chavada R, Ghosh N, Sandaradura I, Maley M, Van Hal SJ. | Download Paper
  • Comparing dosage adjustment methods for once-daily tobramycin in paediatric and adolescent patients with cystic fibrosis.
    Authors: Hennig S, Holthouse F, Staatz CE. |Download Paper
  • Evaluation of Tobramycin Exposure Predictions in Three Bayesian Forecasting Programmes Compared with Current Clinical Practice in Children and Adults with Cystic Fibrosis.
    Authors:  Burgard M, Sandaradura I, van Hal SJ, Stacey S, Hennig S.| Download Paper
  • Bayesian algorithms (such as those used in the models within DoseMeRx) enable sophisticated decision support that improves outcomes by customizing therapeutic drug doses for individual patients
    Authors:  M Neely | Download Paper

White Papers

See how easily DoseMe can help you overcome challenges affecting your health system and how our customers are benefiting from DoseMeRx.

Poster Presentations

DoseMeRx is continuously working on scientific poster presentations that are presented at conferences around the country.

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