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Clinical Evidence

Published studies and evidence support DoseMeRx achieving therapeutic doses of important medications to streamline operations, improve drug effectiveness, and reduce adverse events.

Peer-reviewed Literature​

DoseMeRx has demonstrated clear clinical and operational benefits in independent peer-reviewed studies. 

DoseMeRx increases the proportion of vancomycin patients achieving target AUC24 and the percentage in target therapeutic range
Authors: Luqman Vali, David R Jenkins, Rakesh Vaja, Hussain Mulla | Download Paper

DoseMeRx (Bayesian estimation) accurately identifies patients at risk of AKI from just one assay
Authors: Chavada R, Ghosh N, Sandaradura I, Maley M, Van Hal SJ. | Download Paper

Comparing dosage adjustment methods for once-daily tobramycin in paediatric and adolescent patients with cystic fibrosis.
Authors: Hennig S, Holthouse F, Staatz CE. |Download Paper

Evaluation of Tobramycin Exposure Predictions in Three Bayesian Forecasting Programmes Compared with Current Clinical Practice in Children and Adults with Cystic Fibrosis.
Authors:  Burgard M, Sandaradura I, van Hal SJ, Stacey S, Hennig S.| Download Paper

Bayesian algorithms (such as those used in the models within DoseMeRx) enable sophisticated decision support that improves outcomes by customizing therapeutic drug doses for individual patients
Authors:  M Neely | Download Paper

Cyclosporine treatment for patients with autoimmune diseases shows improved therapeutic range and number of days in range by using DoseMeRx.
Authors:  Stopinšek, et. al | Download Paper

Poster Presentations

DoseMeRx and our customers are continuously working on scientific poster presentations that are presented at conferences around the country.

AUC24 vancomycin Bayesian-based Dosing: Increasing Therapeutic Target Attainment with Decreased TDM cost
In this study, we compare therapeutic range attainment across five hospitals using vancomycin trough-based dosing versus five hospitals using Bayesian-supported vancomycin AUC24 based dosing. Poster presented at: ID Week Annual Meeting; October 4, 2019; Washington, DC. Download Poster

DoseMeRx is the only HITRUST CSF certified Bayesian dosing platform.

By implementing HITRUST CSF requirements we have addressed every standard and implementation in the HIPAA Security Rule.

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