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New Vancomycin Obese, Hemodialysis and Complex Models Released

New Vancomycin Obese, Hemodialysis and Complex Models Released

DoseMe today is excited to announce we have released three new adult vancomycin models to help you optimize vancomycin therapy for a wider variety of patients in addition to our existing adult, pediatric and neonate offering.

New Adult Vancomycin Dosing Models

Vancomycin Obese

Supports dosing calculation for patients with a body mass index (BMI) greater than 30. This is a one-compartment, zero-order model designed specifically for extremely obese patients. Check it out → 

Vancomycin Hemodialysis

Supports dosing calculation for patients on hemodialysis. This model has been extrapolated from a two-compartment Goti et al. model which included over 300 patients on high-flux, intermittent hemodialysis. Check it out → 

Vancomycin Complex & Critically-ill

For accurate estimation of AUC fitting to both distribution and elimination phases. A two-compartment, zero-order absorption model derived from a retrospective study with a diverse cohort of over 1,800 patients. Check it out → 

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